Sobi Qazi is a wedding planner & designer in Texas and beyond. She thrives on the complexity of planning multiple day events for multi-cultural weddings and destination celebrations worldwide. Sobi Qazi has grown immensely in the event industry living her passion in planning and design since 2009 with over 200 weddings and events experience. She is much more than a wedding planner; she is a true artist and visionary. Her signature style belief is that the best design is attained with a dash of the unexpected. Her vision is something she hopes to share with you throughout your planning experience.

Couple’s appreciate Sobi’s ability to recognize the common thread of classic style woven throughout traditional and contemporary designs, and her commitment to acting as a thoughtful partner throughout the planning and design process. Her leading role as your exclusive planner is on researching, designing, and developing the event to make sure it fulfills your vision. She doesn’t just do this at the start of the planning; she works on it throughout the whole cycle of the event and make sure your vision is being fulfilled. Sobi Qazi is interested in the big picture and the smaller details. She will work alongside you to make your celebration the most memorable.